Welcome to Svenn’s User Page!

Hello everyone, this is my personal User Page. I’ll post up my personal galleries here. Feel free to look around at the various features. Here’s a short description of the current pages available:

Check out “Profile” for the main page with some info about me, my posts, and a display of some of my galleries.

Check out “Galleries” for a list of all of my uploaded galleries. Each one contains several images, as well as some info about those images. Currently the option is set for each image to have it’s own page, but you can also change it so that the images just show up in an overlay popup effect as well! The images can be rotated, watermarked, etc all within the control panel for the site.

The “Rosters” section lets you view all of the Mordheim Rosters I’ve created in the Roster Builder! You can view it directly in the Roster Builder or download the roster in XML format.

And finally, the “Posts” section will give you a list of all my posts, like this one.

All of this is incredibly simple to put together. You simply type in your info, upload your galleries, and you’re done! All the hard work is done for you.

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